Sunday, March 1, 2009

Food Scissors

This is the one thing that I have to have with us whenever we eat out with Zoë (and Josh, when he was younger). The couple of times that I'd forgotten to bring it, I wasn't a happy camper. True, I could just as easily cut the food with a knife, but having used the food scissors to conveniently cut up food into bite-size pieces for the little ones, I've become quite spoiled.

I bought my first kiddie food scissor at UNY (now Apita), from their kitchen section. It was a tiny one, with a red crab as its cover. There was even some magnet at the back of the cover so that you could attach it to the fridge door. The whole thing was so small, that we somehow lost it... probably unknowingly chucked it in the bin when clearing the dishes.

Desperate for another one, I just walked into a shop downstairs from where we live that sells imported Japanese goods. The only pair they had was a Hello Kitty one. And it was pink. I still bought it. Now if you know me, you'd know that I had to have been really desperate to get a Hello Kitty item.

No regrets, though. Color and character aside, this pair of scissors is bigger than the one before and therefore, so much easier to use and easier to clean. Yet, still small and compact enough to carry in a purse.

I can't really recall exactly how much I paid for this pair, but it was anywhere between HK$80 - 150. Worth every penny.

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