Thursday, March 12, 2009

Braun Hand Blender

A question from a new mom at one of the mommy forums:
I saw some "special" kit that sells various utensils for making baby's food, are those necessary or any use at all? What do you use for making your baby's food?
Well, the one thing that I have found to be useful back when Josh and Zoë were babies, just starting solids, is the Braun hand blender. This is one of the few things we bought that have "extended" usefulness beyond the baby years. I still use it now and I still find it a great help in food preparation not just for the kids, but also for regular stuff for ourselves. With the hand blender, we've made baby purees, smoothies/milk shakes, dips, soups, etc. And the good thing is that it's quite compact and store away very easily.

We bought ours from Canada, but I've since seen the same model at Fortress (around HK$600). Ours is exactly the same as what you see on the photo here. It came with a hand blender, chopper, metal whisk, and covered beaker (great for those yummy milk shakes!).

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  1. ONLY have ever used a braun hand blender to make baby food - I had the same one in Korea and HK - and when I moved to the US gave it up - only because the voltage was different. The "steamer, puree all in one things" - in my opinion, unnecessary and pricey. I had a handblender and ice cube trays with lids - it is all I needed. I've made baby food homemade for three kids and haven't ever once needed something else. I totally agree - it's all you need.