Monday, February 9, 2009


Chris told me once about how his dad directly sucked out the snot from his little brother's nose. Gross, right? But when it gets down to it, all of you would probably do the same if that is the only way to ease your kids' discomfort. Thankfully, we never had to.

Before the kids could blow their own noses, we had the Pigeon nasal aspirator, but that didn't do squat. It wasn't effective at getting the snot out. My friend, Joanne, recommended what she calls the "booger-snatcher." I quickly went over to Eugene Club and saw a great selection of nasal aspirators. The closest that came to the one that Joanne described to me was this Piyo Piyo nasal aspirator (see photo). It has two soft rubber tubes: one goes to your mouth (to suck), the tube with the rounded end goes to the baby's nostril. Don't worry, none of the snot will ever touch your lips. Whatever gets sucked out goes through the tube and into the little canister. Each part can be removed for easy cleaning.

What we did was usually was to shoot some saline spray up their noses (optional) and then a few minutes later, use the booger-snatcher. It cleanses and clears up their nasal passages pronto!


  1. That is the EXACT one I have - BEST booger snatcher EVER!!!! I'm so excited that you love it as much as I do - love that sucker (quite literally) to death...too bad all three kids run from it now...

  2. Well, whaddaya know? I got exactly the same one that you recommended! :)

  3. where can i buy this on line?

  4. I bought it from Eugene Club here in Hong Kong.