Saturday, February 14, 2009

Moby Wrap

We used the Baby Bjorn with Josh. It was good except that when Josh started getting heavier, my shoulders and back would feel sore after wearing him for even just half an hour. With Zoë, I got the Moby Wrap after attending a baby-wearing workshop that was run by Nappypooh (before S left HK for good).

I loved the Moby for its soft, stretchy fabric. I love that it is just a piece of cloth, no pins, no rings, nothing hard that might dig into the baby's soft flesh. I loved how the wrap kept Zoë snug and secure against me. I loved that my shoulders and back didn't hurt. I loved its versatility --that I could do the Hug Hold (my favorite one), the Kangaroo Hold, the Lotus Hold (with baby facing out). There are also the Hip Hold, and the Hike Hold (never had the guts to try this one, though). You can even use the wrap to hold twins!

It takes getting used to. It takes practice. I had to read the instructions over and over and practice quite a few times before I dared to wear Zoë in it.

My only complaint is that because it's such a LONG piece of fabric, it can be a bit of a hassle getting it on outside the house. At home, I'd simply lay the ends of the wrap either on the bed or on the couch, so that they would not touch the floor when I am "fixing" to wear Zoë. When out, sometimes you can't help but have the ends brush up against the floor. Like I said, it takes practice to do it expertly, knowing how to hold the folds so that the ends won't drag, etc.

But, but, but! Once on, I LOVE it and I love the feel of Zoë snug against me. Did I mention that I love its color, too? I got one exactly like the one featured on the photo --the turquoise one with the UV protection. People I met always noted the striking color and how comfy and snug Zoë looked in it.

I just checked out their website again and noticed that they now have new lines available (Moby D, Moby Select). They even have other products now - Moby Mini (Cute, but I don't think I'll spend US$14.95 just so that Zoë can 'wear' her dolls in a Moby Mini, though); swaddle blankets, Baby Legs, and a few other items that I didn't think I saw when I ordered my Moby Wrap two years ago. Lucky for Chris; I might have been tempted to get the other stuff, too!


  1. I love the Moby too. Our doula recommended it. Our other favourite baby carrier is the Ergo. I think the Ergo is a bit easier to operate -- just put it on, put the baby in, snap the buckles and you're ready to go. But the Moby is softer. And the Lotus Hold in the Moby allows the baby to face outwards, which the Ergo doesn't allow.

    Re: your problem with putting it on outdoors, I've seen women just putting them on *before* they leave the house. Just tie it around yourself ahead of time, and then you can just slip the baby in whenever you wish. I sometimes just wear it around the house for several hours, and pop the baby in and pull her out as the need arises.

  2. HI! This Moby wrap looks really comfortable for both mom and baby. Where can I get it in HK? I can't seem to find it online at all!

  3. @Anonymous: Nappypooh used to carry it, but she has moved back to France. I got mine from Canada. Maybe you can post on either Asiaxpat or Geobaby and ask if anybody has one that they might want to sell...? Or you can try to order directly from Moby Wrap in the US.