Monday, April 8, 2013

Five-Minute Writing: Fun Time Learning

We were recently aboard the Logos Hope when it was docked here in Hong Kong and went a bit crazy on the books.   There was a great collection and best of all, the prices were amazing!   Everything was priced in “units.”  I guess they had to, just to keep things easier and more standardized for them since the ship docks in different ports .  Having everything in a standardized “unit” saves the trouble of re-pricing the items to the local currency each and every time they change ports.   Every 20 units is HKD5.

Among the stash that we got was this Five-Minute Writing|Fun Time Learning pad.  This one was 100 units, so HK$20.  It is a series of short worksheets designed to be completed in five minutes or less.  It has exercises for everything –anagrams, rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, parts of speech, tenses, capitalization, punctuation, similes, etc.

While waiting for Josh (1.5 hours), Zoë went through several pages of this.  She was excited about ‘beating the clock.’  I think she gets a certain sense of satisfaction at being able to complete so many exercises in such a short time.

The answer key is right at the bottom of the page.  What I do is tear off the bottom part before handing out the sheet (torn from the pad).  Sometimes Zoë checks her own answers against the answer keys when she’s done and she gives herself a big star and a huge smiley face whenever she gets all answers correctly.
This learning pad is great for taking out with you as an activity for when you have to wait around.   The series also come in Addition, Multiplication, Handwriting, etc.