Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Book Depository

Why haven’t I heard of The Book Depository until just recently?  This surely has to be one of the best-kept secrets.  Free shipping on books –to practically all countries worldwide!

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

The Book Depository was recommended to me by Josh’s school librarian when I asked where I could order certain sets of books that I’d been told were not available on Amazon.  She mentioned that that’s from where they get most of the school library books and that delivery time is usually around one week, certainly no more than two.

I decided to check it out and now that I’d received all the books from my first order with them, I know that I will be using them again and again.  They definitely do come out cheaper compared to Amazon (unless you live in the US and can avail of Amazon’s free shipping on certain products) and even to Paddyfield.  Here’s a quick comparison I did on a couple of books:

Book Depository Amazon.com Paddyfield.com
Encyclopedia Brown 4-Volume Boxed Set GBP 10.51
(HKD 127.22)*
USD 9.98 + 9.98 (shipping)
(HKD 160.95)
HKD 160 + 15 (shipping)
(HKD 175.00)
The Giving Tree GBP 10.18
(HKD 123.22)*
USD 9.93 +  9.98 (shipping)
(HKD 160.55)
HKD 169 + 15 (shipping)
(HKD 194.00)
*Conversion done with help from xe.com

The above table was put together under the assumption that all books are to be delivered to a Hong Kong address.  Paddyfield.com does offer free shipping for orders over HKD 180, but even taking only the price of each item alone, it is still more expensive compared to The Book Depository.

I had ordered a total of 13 books from The Book Depository and I had received all 13 within two weeks of my ordering;  some I had received in just one week’s time.  The only beef I have is that each one of the books was packed and mailed separately.  It doesn’t matter to me that each was mailed separately as shipping was free, but the books were individually packed either in a bubble envelope or in corrugated cartons, --which, to me, was a bit of a waste.   I don’t understand why they could not have packed the books together to save on packing materials.

That said, they are the most cost-efficient in terms of ordering books online that I’ve come across so far.

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  1. yep...i now buy from them too instead of amazon.com